10 Questions: Doran Laybourn

Doran Laybourn has been lurking in the shadows for years. With photo coverage and ads, but no video parts, people wondered what he was about. But, with a stellar part in last years Grenade movie Smell The Glove and with rumors of kicker and rail destruction for Mongo Pro’s Who Cares it’s time the kid to feel the spotlight.

1. Word, son. So you’ve been chilling in So Cal for the summer?

Yeah yeah, I’m in Santa Monica with my lady. I’m startin’ to love it out here. I can drop my skateboard and get to some pretty sweet spots right from my front door.

2. Nice, so tell me what’s up with this past winter?

I filmed a bunch. Did a few contests, and basically had a great season.

3. You have been around for some time now, but you haven’t had too many parts, why have you been so into it lately?

‘Cause filming is where it’s at for me. I just go ride really fun stuff and people point a camera at me. I was so sick of traveling really far to a contest or a photo shoot for sponsors and having everything suck, then basically be forced to ride it. It seems like you always miss the goods when you’ve got that kinda schedule goin’ on.

4. How’s the DJ life coming these dayz? Didn’t your brother produce your video part song for Smell The Glove last year?

The DJ life is going great. I just put out Powder Daze, it’s a mixtape that has the newest, hottest street hip-hop from the mainstream, mixes in Ryme Kryme tracks and features appearances by Scotty Arnold, John Jackson, Mitch Reed, Colin Langlois and Danny Kass. It’s out right now so get at me and I’ll get you a copy. I’m gonna do a whole series of Powder Daze mixtapes so if you make dope music hit me up (dlaybourn@yahoo.com) and maybe that shit will show up on a tape, son. And as far as my brother, he’s making more music than all the rappers out there. All the homies from Ryme Kryme are out of prison now so they can all focus on the music again, word. Ryme Kryme Family, for life to death.

5. You gonna be playing any shows we should know about?

Nothing really comes to mind. I pretty much DJ on the fly, but if you check out the Ryme Kryme site (www.rkfent.com) you can see a schedule for shows and club nights.

6. Did you post up in Colorado all winter or did you get your travel on?

I was all over the west this season--Jackson Hole, Washington, Whistler, et-cetera, but Colorado had a great snow year and I definitely took advantage of it--CO represent!

7. What was the best trip this year?

Going up to Mt. Baker for the banked slalom. It dumped every night during the contest and then got sunny for a week straight right after so we could film--it was perfect. Plus hanging out with all the Mervin people was super fun! Thanks again, Jeannine.

8. Who were you shredding with the most?

Colin Langlois, he and I just click, we like the same music so we got named “the rap kids” by our crew. We ride similar stuff and love the devils lettuce so I guess that’s why we hung out so much this year. He is gonna have a banger part for sure. Besides him, I rode a lot with (Kyle) Clancy, J.J. Thomas, and Chad Otterstrom. All those boys killed it this season.

9. So are you going to make it up to Hood this summer or what?

I’ll be in the Hood for sure. I think I’m coming up for Scotty Arnold’s session at High Cascade and stayin’ for the Abominable Snow Ja) contest. I’ll be chillin’ hard at the Van’s house if you want to find me up there.

10. Can you see into the future of next season?

I’ll be doin’ it real big somewhere. I’m hoping we’ll be filming a Mervin Movie next year. We will just have to wait and see.

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