10 Questions: Brett Butcher

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest and working to become a professional snowboarder is by no means an easy task. Where sunny powder days are rare the Northwest isn’t exactly an ideal destination for cameras. However, having a good work ethic, and some help from Mack Dawg local Ross Steffey, Brett Butcher began to make a name for himself. After a few years of hard work, Brett has become an established professional. With his new sponsor, Bataleon Snowboards that hard work is starting to pay off.Check out Brett in the teaser for Think Thank’s Patchwork Patterns. Linked to the right.

1. What’s up with Bataleon? Is the triple base stuff really that great?

It’s really that great! It’s exciting to see the transition people go through when they ride a Bataleon board for the first time. At first everyone is very skeptical--I know I was--but by the end of the day they don’t want to give the board back.

2. How does the triple base work anyways?

The base on a regular snowboard is flat from tip to tail. Bataleon snowboards have a three-dimensional base, so the contact points are beneath your feet instead of at the ends of the board. It allows for quicker edging, better stability, less vibration and decreases the chance of hooking a edge if you don’t land perfect.

3.How did you end up hooking up with them in the first place?

My friend Brandon introduced me to Bataleon a few years ago, but I was committed to other things. Then Brandon called me last fall saying Bataleon was interested in building a team in the states. Unfortunately, there was some drama, and Brandon stopped working for them. At that point I was kinda left wondering about my snowboard future. Then I got a call from a bearded Norweigen ginger by the name of John Knuttson. We met up at Starbucks and the rest is history--so stoked to be a part of Bataleon.

4. Why the move to Salt Lake this winter?

I just needed a change. I’d been riding at Hood my whole life and it was time to check some other spots out, and Utah seemed like the best choice. All of the Windells diggers live there and I’d always enjoyed myself while visiting.

5. And then to Tahoe? Why did you move outta Utah?

I was constantly driving from Utah to Tahoe because Think Thank has a crew in Tahoe, and it was taking a toll on my wallet. Before this year I hadn’t spent much time in the Tahoe area and I pretty much grew to love it. Tahoe’s so diverse, it has lots of great resorts and some of the best backcountry terrain around. It sounds weird but it got me excited about snowboarding again.

6. How did it go filming with Think Thank this year?

I had so much fun with those guys. I was the new kid in the crew and everyone welcomed me with open arms. They’re all about having a good time--egos and politics don’t apply. Thanks for the great year Think Thankers!

7. Are you happy with your footage?

I’m so hard on myself when it comes to footage. Going into this season I had a pretty good idea as to what I wanted to accomplish. I went on a few trips that didn’t work out as well as I had hoped and I hurt my ankle in early April so I didn’t get to ride this spring. But, all in all, I’m pretty happy. I was able to spend a lot of time in the backcountry and got to ride features I was stoked on. I don’t have a ton of shots but I’m happy with the ones I do have. Hopefully everyone will be into it.

8. Do you think you will film with Think Thank next year?

Yeah, if they want me back!

9. Are any pro models in store for Bataleon?

No, I don’t think I’m at that level yet. I just want to work closely with them, and give them as much input as possible so they can continue to make the best snowboards in the industry.

10. So what are you plans for the rest of the summer?

I’m going to Relax. See ya’ll at Windells!

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