The last stop of the North Face Masters Snowboarding event had just passed at Kirkwood Mountain, CA. Winner of the Womens Snowboard division, Iris Lazzareschi, invites a crew of girls who competed in the contest to her home mountain at Squaw Valley USA to enjoy a fresh powder day. PortersTahoe team rider Iris Lazzareschi won two stops on the tour including the stop at Crystal Mountain, WA and Kirkwood, CA. Iris worked very hard this off season getting her body & mind in shape for this contest season and all her Cross Fit workouts have really paid off. She has stated that this is the "healthiest & strongest" she has ever been and attributes this years success to all her off season training. Way to go Iris!
Yesterdays conditions at Squaw were quite nice as a foot or more fell on the mountains. The gals were loving it as it was a great way to unwind and get some good freeriding in and remember why they love to snowboard. Our pack was quite large as you can tell from the video and it was a bit tough trying to get footage of everyone while multi-tasking at a high level. In the end it all worked out well and everyone was stoked to get fresh turns and not have to deal with a crowd. Looks like more winter weather may be on the way as we get into mid March. "Miracle March" or "March Madness" on tap?