Caught Up: With Torah Bright

Photo: Matt Georges

Photo: Matt Georges

Caught Up With Torah Bright

by Agatha Wasilewska

Torah Bright is not only incredibly talented,  but she is also one of the most down to earth, humble, and happy individuals in the business. At the tender age of 23, she has racked up more titles than one can count and earned accolades such as being a four-time X-Games podium finisher, former and future Olympian, and winner of both the Burton Global Open Series and the TTR World Tour titles- just to name a few. Her fierce competitiveness and merciless drive to push herself and her sport has vaulted women's snowboarding straight into the big leagues both in and out of the snow world. She has managed to transcend into the realm of fashion and pop culture, gracing more magazine pages and video clips than any other female rider in existence.

Torah was recently in NYC and I had a chance to grab lunch with her and chat her up about the summer, training, surgery and the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympics. As always, she was in great spirits and looking forward to traveling home to Australia this fall, getting back on-snow post surgery, and training for that small event called the Olympics. We talked about her signature series of outerwear with Roxy entitled the Bright Edition and the new looks that are in the pipeline for 2010. Mum's the word, but there is some great stuff to come from this little powerhouse.

Torah Bright Roosting Pow. Photo: Matt Georges

Torah Bright Roosting Pow. Photo: Matt Georges

You recently had shoulder surgery – how has the experience affected you and your outlook on shredding?

The whole experience of the surgery was horrible… I was out for about a week and then slowly got back into the swing of life after that. It was six weeks in the sling and straight into rehab. In a way I feel this surgery was a blessing in disguise. I can't remember the last time I have had this amount of time off-snow and just being in one spot! So it's been amazing, getting a taste of normal life. I am looking forward to when I am back on-snow and not having to worry about my shoulder dislocating because it has been a problem for about four years. So, really everything is on the ups!

Are you stoked to get back on-snow post op? Nervous at all?

Nope- not nervous at all! I will just be happy to get back on the hill with a fully functioning body for the first time in years.

Photo: Matt Georges

Photo: Matt Georges

Will the surgery and rehab make your training schedule super intense leading up to the Olympics?

No, once I am back on-snow it will be just like any other year… taking a few days just to cruise and feel good on the board again and then get back into learning the things I was working on. I'm pretty excited to get back and work on new tricks!

You and your boyfriend, Jake Welch, both had the same surgery at the same time. How was it being laid up together? Does having someone going through the same rehab process push you to rehab even more?

Being out of commission with Jake was totally bizarre. I would have never imagined that that was how both our winter seasons would have ended. But misery loves company right!? Now with both of us at the rehab stage it is definitely nice to have a partner in crime, makes it a whole lot easier to get through it!

How do you feel this time around going into the 2010 Olympics? Are you less anxious knowing the process?

I'm not any less anxious than the last Olympics, but it is nice just knowing how the entire event works this time around. It's really all about the experience so I will be going to all the ceremonies and trying to see as many events as I can!! As for being ready for my event, I know what run I want to do and how I would like to do it, so it's a matter of how things all fall into place on the day of the competition.

You mentioned the insane costume fittings that you had to go through for the '06 Olympics. What are some other unique experiences from the Olympics that stick out in your mind?

The drug testing- I was drug tested three times in four days… Crazy!

What are you looking forward to most about the 2010 Olympics?

Just to be apart of it!

Torah Bright deep in pow. Photo: Matt Georges
Torah Bright deep in pow. Photo: Matt Georges

I know that you helped design your own line of Roxy gear including your snowboard.  Care to share any insider info about what's to come in the future for ROXY and your line?

Mmm. You'll have to wait and see.

Have you already dialed in your kit for the Olympics? Do you have any lucky pieces that you always wear for big competitions like this one?

No, I am kinda boring in that sense. No lucky charms.

Photo: Matt Georges

Photo: Matt Georges

On the business tip, how has the recent economic downturn affected you or changed the way that you are conducting your career and the choices that you are making for the future?

I was looking at my frequent flyer miles this year and I have not nearly flown as much as previous years. Sponsors are tightening budgets, and so less is spent on travel all across the globe. On a personal tip, I have tightened my belt and am far more aware of where my money is being spent.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say:

Peanut butter- creamy or chunky? Creamy.

Coffee order? how do you take it? Don't drink coffee.

Do you always answer your phone? Haha- no…. not always.

Its four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it? My sister Abi. “What are you doing?"

How many pairs of flip-flops do you own? A few…need more. They're my favorite.

Ever paid more than $100 for a haircut? Oh yeah. Lucky I got a sister as a hair dresser now!

Last person you talked to? Jake Welch.

Last person you hugged? My sister Rowena.

Photo: Matt Georges

Photo: Matt Georges

Do you smile often? Yeah, maybe a bit too much.

Met someone who changed your life? So many!

Favorite…Season? Summer.

Holiday? I'll take any excuse for a holiday!

Day of the week? Friday and Saturday.

Month? December.

Meal? Dinner.

Late night snack? Cereal.

Drink? Water.