Caught Up With Jamie Anderson

On course at Mount Snow, VT.             Photos: Chaloux/Wellhausen

On course at Mount Snow, VT. Photos: Chaloux/Wellhausen

Jamie Anderson kills—no doubt about it. She’s good in the air, on rails, she’s calm in the contest pressure cooker and she appreciates a good pow day with her crew.  She stood on the podium at Dew Tour, X Games, and The U.S. Open this season. At the Open, she got knocked the F out in the rail jam and still won it! Jamie is a badass and it’s a mystery of marketing how this girl is riding around right now with no board sponsor. She’s one of the best female riders in the game—surely, she’ll have a new ride under her feet before long. Until then, she’ll be taking laps.

What was the highlight of your season so far?

Probably our OneLife trip to Spain and Andorra. We had the best crew, met some of the coolest people and really just had a lot of fun!

What’s the worst slam you’ve taken this season?

I fell super hard at Euro X in France off the 1st jump … just sent it and went huge! I wasn’t able to compete at that event, which definitely sucked, but I'm super stoked I didn't get seriously hurt! I also got crashed into at the US open rail jam and got knocked out—that sucked too!

What was the best run you stomped?

A run: Back 5, Switch Back 5, Front 7, Back 1, cab 7… best day ever shredding Breckenridge with my friend Sarka Pancochova.

Mid-run, Slopestyle finals at Dew Tour, VT. Photo: Wellhausen

Mid-run, Slopestyle finals at Dew Tour, VT. Photo: Wellhausen

How do you keep the fear from creeping in?

I try to think positively…

Does your snowboarding complicate or compliment your love life?


What's the worst interview question you've ever been asked (beside the "love life" one above)?

"How does snowboarding make you feel?" It's like really? It makes me feel great! Ha ha!

Any unfulfilled shred fantasies?

There’s this mental pillow line in Tahoe that I really want to hit, but its pretty difficult to get to, and its kind of illegal because its above a highway, haha. I also would love to dial in a legit pipe run!

What do you think about new helmet laws being debated for riders under 18?

I went through a phase of not liking helmets at all. But after I got knocked out cold, not wearing one, it makes me want to wear one all the time! And I think everyone should! This sport is dangerous!

What inspires you outside snowboarding?

Music. I’ve been hanging out with some musicians the last few weeks and it's really inspiring!

And what about in snowboarding?

Riding backcountry. I'm such a park rat nowadays that when I get the chance to go ride powder I get so inspired and stoked on different unique features.

What is disappointing to you in snowboarding right now?

Me not having a board sponsor!

And what is epic?

Riding a 4-foot pow day at my home mountain—Sierra At Tahoe—on April 5th! I love home!

Last words?

Go for it. One Life, Live it up!

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