Billabong Flaunt It At Blue Mountain

On Saturday January 22, Billabong Flaunt It hit its first stop at Blue Mountain, Ontario. With the cold weather reaching ‐20°c, the ladies weren’t phased as they threw down their sickest tricks all day long.

Billabong’s own Victoria Marshall landed herself in 1st place of the slopestyle. Clean runs that included frontside 540’s took the win of the day as she stomped run after run. Victoria has been one of the most prominent players here at Blue Mountain stepping up to first place this year with her style and solid tricks. Second place went to Gillian Andrewshenko, who did not make it on to the podium due to a dislocated shoulder followed by a trip to the hospital, and 3rd place went to Jen Cusik who also placed 2nd in the rail jam.

The rail jam followed in the afternoon as the ladies flaunted their best tricks on the rails, with Catriona Boyd taking first place, and Marie‐Hélène Tremblay taking home the Dakine best trick with a solid nose‐press frontside 180 out on the down bar.

Slopestyle Results

1st Victoria Marshall $700 + Flight and accommodations to Finals in Tahoe (Billabong, Von Zipper, Rome)

2nd Gillian Andrewshenko $500 (Endeavor, IS Eyewear, Dakine, Air Hole, Flux, Rude Girls, Nikita)

3rd Jen Cusik $300 (Flow, Team 43, Capital Park)

4rd Alisa Boyd $50 (The Boardshop)

5th Joanie Robichaud (Roxy, Giro, Alternative Boardshop)

Rail Jam Results

1st Catriona Boyd $250 (The Boardshop, Forum)

2nd Jen Cusik $100 (Flow, Team 43, Capital Park)

3rd Alisa Boyd $50 (The Boardshop)

Dakine Best Trick

Marie‐Hélène Tremblay $100 (Billabong, Von Zipper, Capita, Alternative, Coal, Union, 32, etnies)

Sony Style Award

Joanie Robichaud (Roxy, Giro, Alternative Boardshop)‐ frontside 360 nosegrab

Next stop: Feb 12th, Sunshine, Alberta