Toni Kerkelä's First Snowboarding Trip of the Season | Insight
Toni getting ready to drop in on the ramp he built with his father back in 2006. Ten years in the streets and still going strong. Photo: Teemu Heljo

First Trip of the Season

Toni’s induction to snowboarding comes from humble beginnings. In 2004, Toni, his buddy Petrus, and several accomplices created KBR. The idea was simple: Assemble a squad of friends with a passion for snowboarding and film a video. So that’s what they did. Every year they would produce a new movie. They had premieres and sponsors, and eventually KBR gained traction. All that hard work paid off.

“We’ve just been filming KBR movies for such a long time, and now we’re filming for the TransWorld video,” Toni says. “It’s kind of an unreal feeling. Maybe the best part is that my filmer is my old buddy Petrus.”

Toni’s seasonal practice of “a shot a day” results in some of the most stacked video parts in snowboarding. He’s been known to film multiple parts in a single season, an ambitious endeavor that undoubtedly comes from his KBR upbringing. “KBR had a huge impact on me,” Toni says. “I think every one of us was pushing each other.” Getting a shot is never an easy task, and according to Toni, it’s akin to creating a piece of art.

“For me, filming a video part is making art. You need to find a cool-looking spot, and you need to find a trick that makes the spot cooler.” Toni continues, “My goal was to film a better part than last year; that’s been my plan the last 10 years because I don’t want to repeat myself. I think that’s the way to keep your parts fresh and interesting to watch.”

Tag along with Toni as he begins his first season in years not filming for a KBR movie, and keep an eye out for his full-length part from Insight, dropping later this fall.

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Nailed the trick. Toni gives a high-five to friend and filmer, Petrus, after logging another hammer in the streets of Finland. PHOTO: Niki Rutanen

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