H1 Title : TWSNOW Website Posting Best Practices

H2 – Title Goes HERE.

Ok lets get started.

  1. First, always a good idea to double check the post is not already on the site, quick search of a keyword.

01-TWSNOW-website-best-practices 2. Click 'Add New' in top left corner on CMS posts list page. Once you got the new post page, FIRST thing you do in this page is select a ‘Category’. 02-TWSNOW-website-best-practices

  1. Select ONE Category usually from most used. Videos, Gear, Photos, etc
  2. Next we Title the post, but only after the category has been selected.
  3. Title post - Keep unique, descriptive, include year if relivent, strong words for SEO to find the subject
  4. Hit save draft. This will lock down the URL for the post

03-TWSNOW-website-best-practices Once title is in place, jump into the main text area. 04-TWSNOW-website-best-practices

  • If it’s a video or gallery, good to add a mini Title which will go right below the video, mix up wording from title so it’s not copy paste. (This is the H2 and really good for SEO)


  • Add Description in the body of the post


  • Once main body text is added to the post, add links
  • Links can go to related stories, or to videos page for more videos, Gear landing page for more Gear, etc..
  • Add a subscribe link if it’s content from the magazine

07-TWSNOW-website-best-practices We use this Blue, and centered for post links. It’s best to Link descriptive words that SEO robots see, so for example See More Snowboarding Videos HERE highlight and link the whole sentence. If the link is leaving our site, and going to someone else’s, then just highlight the ‘HERE’ 08-TWSNOW-website-best-practices

  • Next add TAG's including rider name, sponsors, full part, and for homepage placement 'featured videos'

09-TWSNOW-website-best-practices   Set featured image. First prepare your Thumbnail. Something unique, something sick, or something that will get clicks. A) Prepare 16×9 ratio crop image in Photoshop. Ideally around 1280×720. However do not increase the size in photoshop it will blow out the pixels and loose quality B) make sure file name is descriptive as possible for the post and SEO purposes. C) Upload to CMS window for featured image D) Fill out caption and ALT text information with as descriptive as possible words for search. 10-TWSNOW-website-best-practices Click this button, and you will get an upload prompt. 11-TWSNOW-website-best-practices In the bottom right hand corner, add as much description as possible. 12-TWSNOW-website-best-practices Then hit “Set Featured Image”. Next up is our SEO window. Fill out as best as possible. Focus Keywords is for our own internal SEO post checker SEO title should automatically populate Meta Description : This is what Google search sees, and shares. So make it keyword heavy, and descriptive of the post, and why someone would want to click to see the post. 13-TWSNOW-website-best-practices If this is something unique, and Google News worthy then go in a click Standout or Editors Pick. Use these sparingly. 14-TWSNOW-website-best-practices Add the Video player code in this box if it’s a video. 15-TWSNOW-website-best-practices This is the description seen on the site, so can be more core reader friendly than the SEO fields. 16-TWSNOW-website-best-practices Schedule, or Publish. 17-TWSNOW-website-best-practices  IMPORTANT. GO TO THE POST, AND CHECK TO MAKE SURE IT LOOKS RIGHT AND THERE ARE NO MISTAKES. If all is good, next up is Social time.