TransWorld SNOWboarding November 2015 Issue Out Now

Hitsch's latest project, Spuren, focuses on the intricacies of transition riding, instead of the high flying feats normally seen in contest recap videos.
Christian "Hitsch" Haller arcs himself into a cover shot for our November 2015 issue. Photo: Dominic Zimermann
Every generation seeks a proving ground, and between 2000 and 2005, there was no better place than Mammoth's Unbound Parks. Get a closer look at the Origins of the riders who came up from the Mammoth scene.
Your monthly dose of the best snowboarding photography is a given in our Wallpaper section.
Bjorn Leines details his unique outlook on life, snowboarding, and ticking off all the never ending items on his Bucket List.
We took all the best goggles of the season and encased them in blocks of ice for our 2016 Goggle lookbook. Not ideal for riding that way, but cool to look at, for sure.
A quick sampling of the product, courtesy of Dragon.
The ladies of Full Moon films bare it all in this exclusive, and speak to carrying the baton in terms of women's created and driven videos.
Cloud seeding may sound like science fiction, but it's as real as the fluffy snow flakes it produces.
Our newly designed Park Poll is data driven and as thorough as ever. Check out how we ranked the top parks in North America.
The snow surfing movement is spreading quickly from Japan to North America and Europe - but how, and why? Read the story to find out.

TransWorld SNOWboarding November 2015 Issue Out Now

By painting the halfpipe blue, Christian “Hitsch” Haller forces the viewers to change their perspective and focus on the transition only, and not on what happens above or below. That’s the idea behind his latest project, entitled Spuren, featured on the cover of our November 2015 issue. The brightly colored paint creates an unparalleled contrast between the ground and the sky, and resulted in some incredible imagery shot by Dominic Zimermann.

Even after 26 years of strapping in and over 25 video parts to his name, Bjorn Leines is still adding things to  and checking things off of his Bucket List. Hear about what drove him to the idea for his latest video series, and his refreshing outlook both on life and snowboarding.

In our latest Collected, we’ve compiled some of the ultimate gear with which to slay park laps all day long. So take a park tour this winter. Pick a region and hit all the spots you’ve seen in the videos yourself, while equipped with the right product to keep you going strong the whole time.

Our product lookbook this month focuses on goggles and features some of the top brands and models for you to consider gracing your face with this season. Blocks of ice not recommended.

The new data-driven Park Poll ranks the best terrain parks across North America. Which resorts give you the highest chance of hitting the smoothest takeoffs, freshest rail setups, and most featured? All that and more is contained within the pages.


We could go on and on about all the rad stuff that’s within our latest issue, so your best bet is to pick up a copy now and see it for yourself.

Watch our Behind the Cover shot to see what into the making of Hitsch’s November 2015 cover.

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