What do you do at TransWorld SNOWboarding?

As a Photo Director for TWSNOW, I manage our photo department, all project assignments, a crew of four senior staff photographers, and network with 100+ contributing photographer from around the world to consider their photo submissions. It’s a year round collaboration with our Content Director, Art Directors, Managing Editor, Gear Editor, and Digital Content Manager to bring our magazine’s concepts to reality. Together we curate massive amounts of premium content for a Gear Guide, 3 regular issues, a photo book to support a our annual movie, and produce projects for our digital channels; online, fb, and insta. Then when it snows, I do my best to get out to enjoy snowboarding and make lots of photos.


Where are you from?
I was born in Northern Cailfornia, spent my junior high and high school years in New Hampshire, moved to Lake Tahoe after three years of traveling around the states.


How did you get into Photography?
Once I settled into living in South Lake Tahoe, I gained a great appreciation for it’s beautiful landscapes and experienced real adventure. I felt it would be fun to document. I was also looking for something to compliment the idea of attending the local junior college while I was waiting for the Tahoe seasons of Summer to turn into Winter. Little did I know at the time that this connection with developing film and the darkroom experience would ignite a passion for a life of photography.


How long have you been snowboarding for?
Since Stratton Vermont, 1989.


Where is your home mountain?
A home mountain is hard to call out being a San Diego resident and chasing winter for TWSNOW.  Although, my heart will always be at Kirkwood, outside S. Lake Tahoe. It’s the first mountain I called a home mountain. I learned so much there, especially how to ride deep and steep terrain, fast.


What are your favorite snowboard videos and why?
It’s a goodie bag that spans generations: Chill, Roadkill, Riders On the Storm, Run for the Hills, Melt Down Projects, Simple Pleasures, True Life, Carpe Deim,Vivid, Afterbang, Subjekt Haakonsen, Burning Bridges, Picture This, My Own Two Feet, These Days, Get Real, Nation, the Jones Trilogy, Absinthe Films’ Eversince, and Origins. These all have a major influence on my outlook of our snowboarding culture.


Who are your inspirations in snowboarding?
Snowboarders,photographers, filmers, art directors, artists, and those passionate about having the most amount fun and protecting our scenes.


Most influential snowboarders?
Craig Kelly, Terje Haakonsen, Noah Salasnek, Andy Hetzel, Shaun Palmer, Jamie Lynn, Ian Ruhter, Nathan Yant, Jimmy Halopoff, Jeff Anderson, Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Josh Dirksen, Lucas Debari, Manuel Diaz, Louif Paradis, Jason Robinson, Bryan Iguchi, Travis Rice, and the Jackson brothers John and Eric.


What are some of the other things you like to do?
I love to spend time w my family & friends, make photography, interact w our natural environments through mountain biking, surfing, yoga, and eating good food.


What's your favorite piece of snowboard technology from the last decade?
Splitboarding products. It’s amazing the terrain you can access and how far you can really go to find the next with split board & binding designs.


Which video part from last season are you most stoked on?
Keegan Valaika: Eversince, Absinthe. The kid slayed it on a quiver of boards throughout his part, with tons of tricks, and different terrain. Good to see him have a chance to showcase his talents as a snowboarder.


What's your favorite part about working for TransWorld?
I think the opportunity to inspire our audiences by connecting them with the radness of snowboarding's past, present, and future through our curations of photo, art, and words is my favorite part. One other favorite part of working for TWSNOW, is the experience I’ve gain and the relationships that I build through the photo adventures and projects designed. It’s all very gratifying.

For more of Chris Wellhausen’s photography

Taking in the moment. Revelstoke,BC, Canada. PHOTO: Shayne Pospisil

Taking in the moment. Revelstoke,BC, Canada.
PHOTO: Shayne Pospisil/ Naturally

Portrait by Nick Hamilton.

Portrait by Nick Hamilton.

Stoked at CMH Heli in Galena, BC, Canada. PHOTO: Fabienne Dirksen

Stoked at CMH Heli in Galena, BC, Canada. Just finished logging 30,000 vertical feet of powder shredding in four days. Could we do this again? Please. PHOTO: Fabienne Dirksen