Three decades deep, TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine embarks on our 30th year as the world's longest-running snowboard magazine in existence. Our October issue is out now and is stacked insane action, imaginative storytelling, travel-centric pieces, interviews, wallpapers and much more.

"Since this magazine started 30 years ago, snowboarding has become increasingly established. The mission statement of the mag when it was founded was "to grow and promote the sport of snowboarding." The TWSNOW staff in the '80s and early '90s would visit ski areas to convince them that snowboarding was safe. A list of resorts that didn't allow snowboarding was printed in each issue, shortening every time… Our goal today is to cover the unique facets of snowboarding’s culture- the people, the locations, and the lifestyle." — Launch, Nick Hamilton, Content Director TransWorld SNOWboarding.


– Framed
– 30 Years of TransWorld SNOWboarding
– Insight into the Process
– Time Warp : The Warp Wave Crew
– Green Progression : Weed and Snowboarding Intertwined
– This Cycle We Ride : Inside the Fourth Phase
– Wallpaper: Video Preview

  Backcountry Etiquette

– &  much more

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