Special Blend


Stevie Bell, Austen Sweetin, Daniel Ek, Nic Sauve
Ian Ruther
Nathan Yant and Kyle Schwartz
Snowbasin, Utah




Party time! Excellent! A 21st birthday is a very special occasion in the United States—it's when you're legally allowed to get loose with the best of them. Special Blend hit the double decade landmark during Team Shoot Out, and Austen Sweetin, Stevie Bell, Daniel Ek, and Nic Sauve were there to celebrate in style. There were explosions, chicks, and beer because let's face it, what kind of bash would it be without any of those? And as the saying goes: The team that parties together rides together. Err, maybe we just made that up, but that's exactly what these dudes did.
Even though the shoot was lots of fun, it didn't go perfectly. There definitely weren't epic amounts of snow or perfect weather conditions. In fact it was the exact opposite. The snow was constantly melting, and the rain was off and on every day. One day they weren't even able to shred because it was pissing so hard. The crew also had to deal with some injuries throughout the week. While riding down from the pond skim feature, Nic took a nasty spill and tweaked his ankle.
That wasn't all the dudes had to struggle with either. The damn fireworks that made the shoot so cool were also the biggest distractions. What would you rather do: risk your life sending it on some weird features or have a sweet Roman-candle fight with your homeys?

Nonetheless, the riding prevailed, and the dudes pulled it off. Given the challenges, the fact that they were able to bang this out with all of those factors is pretty damn tight.