DAKINE Shredz Contest

      The folks at DaKine designed a limited-edition TransAM backpack and they want you to be wearing it.

    They also want you to get in on the TransAM competition.  All you have to do is drop click away on that cursor and follow the digital rabbit hole over to the DaKine Paper Shredz contest.  From there you can print out the Shredz, which are basically your favorite DaKine teamriders reincarnated in origami form, construct as many as you like, build a little diorama, photograph it, and send it to the heads at DaKine.  Consider it your arts and crafts assignment for the day.


Each week one winner will be chosen, and that lucky buck will get a backpack and their TransAM entry fee paid.

Click here to go to the DaKine Shredz site link ….http://www.dakine.com/shredz/

Once you've assembled the shredz take a photo (max file size 2 MB) and email it to contest@dakine.com.

Entries will be judged on the construction/execution of the Papershred, the quality of the photo, and creativity


Only one entrance per person – per week.
Inappropriate submissions will automatically be disqualified for the remainder of the contest.