Getting a sunburn sucks. Getting wind burn on your face sucks. Getting frost bite sucks. You get the point. You need to cover up that face. These are 5 of our favorite face masks on the market, because not just any face mask will do. If they fog up your goggles then what’s the point.

1. The Levitation Project-Face mask


This mask is super breathable. but it will still totally protect you from the elements. It won’t fog your goggles up, and best of all, it might help you shred like Bode Merrill!

2. NXTZ-High Cascade Face Mask


The NXTZ High Cascade collaboration face mask is the Mt.Hood summer time face mask of choice. When you wear this mask, you can wear less sunscreen, therefore eliminating your chance of getting zits. And who wants zits? No one!  Occupy this face mask!

3. Celtik -Bandit Face Mask


This face mask features art from Dave Doman, so right there that’s a plus. It’s also fleece lined, and it has some heavy duty Velcro to keep it from falling off your face. What more could you ask for?

4. Airblaster-Terrclava


The terryclava has been in the Airblaster line since day one. It’s the perfect mask for those super windy, snowy days. It will keep you out on the hill longer than anyone, so you can live by the age old saying, “there’s no friends on a pow day.”

5. Airhole-Canada Mask


The Airhole Face Mask is the most technical face mask out there. It features moisture wicking fabric so your goggles don’t fog, and you can breath super easy through the “air hole.” You can sled, shred and pretty much just do anything you want in the cold winter outdoors with this mask!

5 1/2. Burberry Scarf


Ok , ok, We know this isn’t a snowboard brand, and Burberry has nothing to do with snowboarding, but man does this scarf rule. It’s made out of the softest cashmere that you can find, and it feels so good on your face. If you can shell out the 100+ bucks for it, your face will not regret it.