Spot Check: Miller Motorsports Park

There are plenty of justifications to move to S.L.C. Utah tomorrow—loads of resorts, legendary champagne powder, an incredibly low cost of living and a city-like atmosphere when the day of shred is over. If all those weren’t enough reasons to pack up the U-Haul, here’s a new one! Miller Motorsport Park is a brand-new world-class racetrack built right near S.L.C. in Tooele—it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve never met a snowboarder who wasn’t down with some high-speed shenanigans, and it’s always better when it’s legit … translation? Legal.

Miller Motorsports Park recently hosted the American Le Mans Series Utah Gran Prix so obviously the facility is top notch. Fortunately, they also allow local chapters of clubs like the S.C.C.A. (Sports Car Club Of America) and P.C.A. to use the track for their events. There’s also motorcycle racing and a full go-cart track—it’s huge.

Veteran snowboarder Ali Goulet is a serious Audi-car enthusiast. He’s logged some track time, instructed at club meets and even had his car featured in European Car magazine. Spy’s Snow Segment Manager Chris Saydah grew up carving So Cal canyons as a teen and recently dropped in on a brand-new Subaru Impreza STI.

Luckily for me, I just so happened to be in Salt Lake the weekend Ali and Chris were both driving and instructing at the new track. An early morning shuttle to the airport from Park City, a car rental and an hour later, I found Saydah’s STI hood up, attempting to cool in the blazing son. Chris soon exited the track in a tricked-out Mitsubishi Evolution with a nice fancy red instructors shirt on looking real professional like—I believe he even had aviator style sunglasses on. Before I could clown him properly, we were lunging down the track in his li’l Subi, hitting six figures on the straights—while being lapped by full-race Porsche GT2s. It was fast and furious—my one-car-at-a-time autocross time-trial experience did not apply here. I took comfort in the Subaru’s all-wheel drive characteristics—thankful I wasn’t manning my rear-wheel drive Bimmer. Our hot laps were over to soon—I jumped back in the rental and flogged it all the way back to the airport. I flew back to Cali and ordered up a brand-new helmet. Lets go racing!

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