Where’re the best places to ride in Northern Italy, a.k.a. the Piedmont region? We asked a local to break it down for us. All of these resorts are within an hour-and-a-half to two hours from the Torino/Turin airport. Freeriding, pipe riding, riding with skiers, jibbing with shredders, big mountains and little mountains—get ready to explore.—Annie Fast


Web site: comune.sestriere.to.it
Number of lifts: 19
Park/pipe: no/no
Lift ticket: 28—31 euros
Summit elevation: 2,701 meters (8,861 feet)
Comments: A typical Piedmont resort with a strong ski tradition, it’s not one of the most open-minded resorts in the northwest, but it still offers some great freeriding spots, varying from big plateaus to serious pine woods. It can get pretty windy sometimes.

Sauze D’Oulx

Web site: comune.sauzedoulx.to.it
Number of lifts: 22
Park/pipe: yes/no
Lift ticket: 28—31 euros
Summit elevation: 2,800 meters (9,186 feet)
Comments: Another classic spot, which, even though it’s pretty much ski oriented, still manages to have a snowboard park—it’s just not always that well maintained. It’s still the only one in Val di Susa.


Web site: bardonecchiaski.com
Number of lifts: 51
Park/pipe: no/yes
Lift ticket: 28 euros
Summit elevation: 1,550 meters (5,085 feet)
Comments: Because it’s the site of the 2006 Olympics, the resort is in a state of constant growth. The freeriding here is renowned, but its freestyle side could be better, especially since the Superpipe was added for the Olympics. The lack of any maintenance of it demonstrates the resorts disinterest in pushing the local snowboard scene.


Web site: courmayeur-montblanc.com
Number of lifts: 20
Park/pipe: no/no
Lift ticket:26—28 euros
Summit elevation: 2,755 meters (9,038 feet)
Comments: It’s Val d’Aosta at its purest state, the landscapes and the lines this spot offers are unending and fantastic. The slopes are pretty steep and the use of a guide is recommended when freeriding here.

La Thuile

Web site: lathuile.net
Number of lifts: 18
Park/pipe: no/no
Lift ticket: 32 euros
Summit elevation: 2,641 meters (8,664 feet)
Comments: This is a great resort in Val d’Aosta with some of the best freeriding in the area. Big plateaus and fresh powder link this resort with La Rosiere in France. It has great areas for building jumps and places to track some epic powder lines.

Prato Nevoso

Web site: pratonevoso.com
Number of lifts: 10
Park/pipe: yes/yes
Lift ticket: 26 euros
Summit elevation: 2,100 meters (6,889 feet)
Comments: One of the few resorts in Piedmont that is really pushing snowboarding, its park is one of the best in the area, even if it still hasn’t reached its full potential.

Limone Piemonte

Web site: infolimone.it
Number of lifts: 29
Park/pipe: yes/no
Lift ticket: n/a
Summit elevation: 2,050 meters (6,725 feet)
Comments: This is the home resort to some of the greatest local heroes in a setting that is the classic icon of the Piedmont mountain village—a classic “locals spot that still offers serious riding to everyone.


Web site: alagna.it
Number of lifts: 4
Park/pipe: no/no
Lift ticket: 22-—32 euros
Summit elevation: 3,260 meters (10,695 feet)
Comments: One of the most famous freeriding resorts in Piedmont, Alagna presents so many possible lines that sometimes the whole mountain stays untracked. During such events, it’s possible for snowboarders to reach the valley of Gressooney without touching another single track.


Web site: cervinia.it
Number of lifts: 28
Park/pipe: yes/yes
Lift ticket: 32 euros (22 euros—park only)
Summit elevation: 3,899 meters (12,792 feet)
Comment: It’s the best resort in Piedmont and Val d’Aosta for freestyle and pipe riding. Cervinia has been pushing snowboarding seriously, and it’s now also open during the summer with a park and pipe. Being such a big resort, its freeriding side is obviously one of the best in the area—just be aware of the crevasses!


Web site: funiviemacugnaga.com
Number of lifts: 10
Park/pipe: yes/yes
Lift ticket: 23 euros
Summit elevation: 1,932 meters (6,338 feet)
Comments: Even though it’s a small and locally managed resort, Macugnaga has been able to offer some great options to snowboarders with its summer camps and a park that has been important for the whole local scene.

* The prices of lift tickets may vary.