Resort Report: Park City (Jan. 9)

Park City Mountain Resort may be known for it’s award winning terrain parks, but believe you me they have fell victim to the rampant spread of mad pow disease that has blanketed Utah over the past week. Tim Eddy and Robbie Walker are both out here in Utah filming with one of our crews for the new Transworld SNOWboarding movie, and since all its been doing is puking snow they’ve been out of the backcountry and we’ve had a few days at Park City lately, and its been good, real good. We’ve been cruising the resort getting face shot after face shot and uncovering all the stashes, jibs, and hits that we could sniff out. Tim expounds, “Park City was fun, but they really should have named it pow city!

PCMR is now boasting a base depth of 75 and over over four feet of snow has fallen in the past five days, four to seven inches are on the horizon for tonight as well. It should stay cold out here for a while too, so if you’re planning a shred trip—get it while the getting’s good, and trust us the getting’s good.

If you need more in your life than snow in your face, then the aforementioned parks should tickle your pickle just how you like it. Three parks on the mountain are up and running which offer up 16 jumps, 32 jibs, as well as two pipes—a small 10-foot high, 200-foot long pipe, and the Eagle Superpipe which stands 22-feet high and a whopping 500-feet long.

There are beginner and medium jumps in all the parks except for King’s Crown, which has a quadruple line of 40-foot long tabletops that lead into a 70-foot long hip and a 65 foot step-down as the last jump. There are also a slew of new box and rail features throughout that run.

The parks and pipes are good to go whether it’s your first time or if you’re a seasoned vet. They’re well layed out to work your way up confidently, without missing a beat.

Park City has something for everyone, if you like boarding that is, so get out there and get you some before we track it all out.