Real urban shredding happens here.

How cool would it be to live in Vancouver? Besides the obvious proximity to all things natural and urban, there’re the standouts like Stanley Park, Robson Street, Hastings Skatepark … Tofino. Those west coast Canadians have got it good. They’ve even got three resorts lurking just a couple city blocks from downtown.

Grouse Mountain gets hit up by unaccompanied minors and crews of high schoolers who jump off the city bus and onto the Skyride. The Screaming Eagle High Speed Quad is the destination. Day and night, the parks go off. The Rookie Park runs right underneath the chair, and the Advanced Park is just on the other side of those trees. Terrain Park Manager Jeff Silcock and his six-man park crew have been at it for a solid six years, adding more and more features each season.

Jeff says the focus is on providing urban shredders with plenty of jibs. Grouse delivers in the form of the popular double-canted S-rail and a ton of rails and boxes all mixed up with the hits. The layout is collage style, with endless possibility for variations. It’d better be endless, given that the lift ride back to the top is only about five minutes.

TWS Senior Photographer Dano Pendygrasse makes a move to Grouse a couple of times each winter for both the twin-hip jumps and the city views-“You can’t beat either of them,” he says. Look for riders like Paavo Tikkanen, Dionne Delesalle, JF Fortin, and Travis Williams to be in frequent attendance.

The park gets going a little later in the season, so give it some time. The best things about Grouse’s park compared to the one up the road in Whistler is that it’s almost always soft, and like Taco Bell, it’s open late.-Annie Fast


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