Heavy Metal Rails

What should you expect from a snowboard park 47 miles from Manhattan? If you’re thinking ditches and rails, then you won’t be disappointed. Mountain Creek is the closest major ski area to the Metro New York area. It receives 65 inches of snow annually and compensates with 100-percent snow-gun coverage. What Mountain Creek lacks in snow and vertical, it makes up for in aggressive freestyle terrain. It’s a trade-off that riders like Olympian Danny Kass and other Jersey homeys Dave Schiff and Brian Regis have used to their advantage.

The Uncommon Terrain Park and Superpipe take up space on four different trails occupying twenty percent of the resort. Mountain Creek is all about metal. Riders learn on the EZ-Slide rails located in the Kyber Pass on Vernon Peak and new Exhibition areas on South Peak. Progression culminates with the 65-foot Roller Coaster rail, the 50-foot S-rail, and the new 40-foot single barrel downslope-some of the most creative rails around. The old standbys like the double-kink, flat-downs, the red rainbow, and ten new funboxes bridge the gap between beginner and expert. Last season was the first year for the Zaugg-cut Superpipe. The Mountain Creek boys spent the summer excavating the pipe and setting up snowmaking-it’s now bigger, steeper, and in-ground. Also expect to see bigger and better jumps in the Vernon Peak Terrain Park thanks to a million-dollar snowmaking upgrade.

The new Olympic standard Superpipe has attracted the attention of the Chevy Truck U.S. Grand Prix tour, which will be holding finals at Mountain Creek from February 6 through 8. Jump on the turnpike for this season’s events: The Specialty Sports Pro-Am Jam, the Grand Prix Finals, and the New Music Sessions.-Annie Fast

“I love that damn place. They have great rails and punk-ass kids who smoke more cigs and act tougher than you.“-Dave Schiff


Brian Regis’ final answer is a frontside boardslide through the kink.

Photo: Michael Paddock


Jib features: 40

Jumps: 15

Superpipe: 1

Web site: mountaincreek.com