Run to the hills, run for your life.

The Faultline Park at Mountain High is literally L.A.'s backyard. It has a new grooming staff that's been high-steppin' up the level over the last two years and attracting a crowd that's almost exclusively shredders.

First things first, riders should stick to the West Resort area-that's where the Faultline all-mountain terrain park is. This season, Mountain High nearly doubled the number of rails and funboxes, creating an entirely new line of rails including an eight-foot-high swing-set box, a 32-foot-long double-roller box, and The Toolbox, most of which are located in the Chisolm Park.

Beginner and intermediate riders should head east off the Blue Ridge Express to get to The Borderline Park. The rails and boxes in this section are of the ride-on, dug into the snow variety-a great place to learn, even if it is directly under the lift. The halfpipe is just over from the rails and runs alongside a few more intermediate rails and jumps.

Chisolm is west off the Blue Ridge Chair. It has unique and advanced rails and boxes that'll entertain even the most advanced shred. Billy Anderson noticed that it has a sort of Cannonball Run feel to it, with locals pointing it down between the features or erratically flying off the corners. Actually, I saw my first ever snowboard hit-and-run here. But despite the I-5 at rush hour feel, the place flows perfectly. The rails line up with the jumps and boxes all the way from top to bottom.

There're freestyle events all winter, including the Kawasaki Triple Air on January 10, and don't miss the TransWorld TransAM on January 17.

One of the best things about Mountain High is the night riding every night from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m for only 26 dollars. Even if you're a nine-to-fiver or still getting schooled, you can grab them clear lenses and hook up a late-night ride.-Annie Fast


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