Very few competitions are created solely for snowboarders and skateboarders under the age of 18 and even fewer put amateurs and pros on the mountain at the same time. The Great Northwest Gromfest (GNG) is a competition and festival like no other. It not only celebrates the past and present of the sports it features, but also looks toward the future and donates all proceeds to non-profits that use action sports to benefit kids that need them the most.

GNG will take place at Whistler, British Columbia summer of 2007 with competitions, booths, concerts and plenty more.

During summer of 2006, GNG will work with Ken Achenbach and the Camp of Champions to create snowboard competitions that will allow campers to show their talent and vie for a spot in the finals at Whistler in 2007. The competitions will consist of various park features and insure that each camper chosen will be well rounded and capable of competing in the finals.

GNG was created as a way to showcase the talent of those that make the alternative sports industry what it is today, namely the youth. Even with tons of snow and skate competitions throughout North America what makes GNG really stand out from the competition is that all proceeds from the event will be donated to non-profits that give inner-city youth the chance to learn how to ride and skate. For 2007 two recipients were chosen to receive the funds raised by GNG: the “Chill Program and the “Tony Hawk Foundation.

Not only will the winner of each Great Northwest Gromfest: Camp of Champions Snowboard Competition receive an automatic bid to the finals but also a one-of-a-kind trophy: a snowboard painted by local Northwest artist Angel Villalobos. (

Each year a new artist will be chosen and featured at Gromfest not only through trophies but also through an art display at the festival itself. A featured artist is chosen based on their involvement with youth, the community and the action sports industry.

Competitions will take place each Wednesday of every camp session to allow campers sufficient time to practice and adjust to the features.

June 21st (COC Session A)
June 28th (COC Session B)
July 5th (COC Session C)
July 12th (COC Session D)
July 19th (COC Session E)

The first ever Great Northwest Gromfest Snowboard Competitions will begin at Camp of Champions this summer, based in Whistler, British Columbia.

For more information on Gromfest, contact:

Ryan Simpson
Great Northwest Gromfest Founder
425.829.9933 cell
425.643.0825 fax