Everyone’s chomping at the bit for the season to start. Which resort will open first?

It's always a race to see which resort is able to spin their chairs first each season, and this year, Sunday River Resort is poised to kick things off Monday, October 19th.

The resort, located in Newry, Maine, credits recent low-temperatures and early snow-making opportunities as reasons why they may be able to open early next week, taking the coveted win this season.

"We can't make any promises, but this forecast looks very favorable," said Dana Bullen, resort president and general manager. "Our snowmakers are dedicated to opening as early as possible and this year is no different, so we wanted to let our pass holders and guests know so they can make their plans," she continued.


Sunday River was the first to start blowing snow this season on September 23, 2015… Will they open first?

If current weather patterns in western Maine continue as predicted, Sunday River will be able to blow snow throughout the week and into the weekend, which will ensure opening on Monday. This would be the second earliest opening in the resort's history, as its previous earliest opening was October 14th, 2009.

Other viable resorts to take the honors for winter 2015-2016 are Arapahoe Basin and Loveland Resort in Colorado. Both resorts have yet to state an actual opening date, but hope to crank their chairs on sometime mid to late October. Last year, A-bay opened on October 17th, so it really could be any day now as long as the weather cooperates.

Mammoth Mountain is set to open November 7th, and many other resorts are set to open soon after.

We'll keep you posted as new dates arise, but at this point, it's all up to Mamma Nature. It's prime time to wax your board and dial in your kit; Winter is coming…

Deadlung watching the snow pile up outside of Snowbird Resort late last season.... Bring on days like this. Photo: Andrew Miller

Deadlung watching the snow pile up outside of Snowbird Resort late last season…. Bring on days like this. Photo: Andrew Miller

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