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#9 North America: Vail, Colorado – Park Poll 2017

Vail, Colorado

Total Features: 121

Percentage Of Jibs: 69%

Percentage Of Jumps: 31%

Pipes: 1 Learning, 18-foot, 22-foot

Park Area: 40 acres

Park Operating Days: 143

The Burton US Open isn't just a good reason to watch some of the best riders in the world compete—it's good for Vail's public parks. "There's a strong chance that a few of the slopestyle features [from the Open] will end up in our Golden Peak Park after the event," says Vail 's terrain park manager, Shawn Carney.

With a focus on helping riders progress across small and medium features, the Bwana, Pride, and Golden Peak parks are always getting tweaked through the winter. "Once we have all of our parks open, we go back to the beginning and start significant feature rebuilds," says Carney. Golden Peak, where you'll find Vail's biggest rails and jumps, gets changes to the layout every few weeks, depending on weather and events.

Carney doesn't only rely on his vision to outline the park each year, but pulls ideas from both the Vail staff and community. "We use feedback from the park crew, snowcat operators, local riders, the Vail Ski Camp; Snowboard School, and Snowboard Club Vail to create our design plan," he says.

Vail expanded the Avanti Park off the Avanti Express chair, which was upgraded to a six-pack just last season. The beginner- to intermediate-park will brought more rippable features to the middle of the mountain.