Aspen Snowmass, Colorado

Total Features: 135

Percentage Of Jibs: 71%

Percentage Of Jumps: 29%

Pipes: 12-foot, 22-foot

Park Area: 50 acres

Park Operating Days: 137

Snowmass is another mainstay on the top 10 list, stacked with time-tested, innovative setups. The park is probably best know as the spot where Mark McMorris landed the first backside triple cork 1440 cork during one of our Park Sessions, but there's far more than just massive kickers here.

Between the Lowdown and Makaha parks, you've got a ton to warm up on before stepping to the 50 biggest rails and table jumps in the Snowmass park proper. Inspired by builds at Peace Park, terrain park manager Yannick Rioux says he and his crew have also been experimenting with transition-based features like volcanoes.

The full rollout goes something like this: first the crew gets the Lowdow and Makaha zones up and running. Lowdown is where you find the mellower features, stuff that's easy to hike to try new tricks or get more consistent. Makaha has a solid triple jump line and about 15 jibs, which is usually shaped and groomed to perfection around mid-December. By the first week of January, the Superpipe gets cut and the full-on Snowmass park is good to go.

"We're always trying to evolve, not keep it in the same box, but also build something for all levels of riders," says Rioux.

If turning and burning is your game, the park crew is hoping to keep a boardercross track open full-time this season, as well.