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#7 North America: Park City, Utah – Park Poll 2016

Park City, Utah

Total Features: 124

Percentage Of Jibs: 77%

Percentage Of Jumps: 23%

Pipes: 13-foot, 22-foot

Park Area: 65 acres

Park Operating Days: 140

Park City took seventh this year thanks to the I Ride Park City program last winter, which was responsible for one of the best and most visible parks on the continent. However, with Vail Resorts' takeover of Park City in the fall of 2014, some big changes are in the works for the coming season, making it difficult to predict what the new park experience will be like.

Chris Ingham, Park City's new terrain; park manager, breaks down what to expect "We have consolidated what was previously two programs at Park City and Canyons into one," he says. "The entire program will have one coherent and consistent vision. We will offer terrain parks that will be accessible from both base areas. We have eliminated Kings Crown and will be relocating the large terrain park to Pick 'N Shovel run. This will allow people to warm up on medium features and move to the larger features without having to relocate."

The new plans also call for 10 new features in the parks, including a new quad kink rail, a couple of trapezoid boxes, and a few more technical features that Ingham says should make for a surprise.

Both Park City and Vail Resorts have a history of delivering strong park programs, but the real test of the new direction won't be fully seen until the snow flies.