#4 North America: Copper, Colorado – Park Poll 2016

Copper, Colorado

Total Features: 84

Percentage Of Jibs: 60%

Percentage Of Jumps: 40%

Pipes: *Learning, 13-foot, 22-foot

Park Area: 26.86 acres

Park Operating Days: 174

Copper has a legacy of getting the first Superpipe of the North American season up and running, usually by Thanksgiving. But thanks to their Woodward camp partnership, they now have an almost year-round park program, including a public park open until September 19 this year. In November, Copper will have a limited, early-season park set up and by December, all four of the main park areas—Woodward Copper, Eagle Jib, Jibberish Park, and Kidz—should be fully firing.

Crisp Colorado corduroy runs the length of the Woodward Copper Central Park, where the park crew taps into 300 inches of average annual snowfall to push smooth take-offs and long landings on the three clear lane choices straight from the top. Head rider's right to hit the four mid-size jumps starting at 15-feet and working up to 35-feet, or keep it aimed dead center for the flowing rail line with tire jibs, classic street-style down bars, closeout flat bars, wallrides, and rainbow rails on spines. Watch your speed checks and bank left for smooth takeoffs and long landings on Copper's biggest jump line with 55- and 65-foot tables. Transition isn't just found in the pipe either—mixed into the flow, you get a 50-foot wide, 22-foot quarterpipe and a poppy hip.

Of the two main terrain park themes that emerged in the Poll this year—more transition and progression-friendly terrain—Copper is focusing on the latter, says terrain park manager, Noah Schwander.

Keep an eye out for the 13-foot pipe moving to the Woodward park area off the Union Creek chair.

*A learning pipe is a banked halfpipe on a flat surface, usually waist deep. It's designed for beginners to figure out how to slide and compress in transition without fear of loosing control.