Northstar, California

Total Features: 109

Percentage Of Jibs: 66%

Percentage Of Jumps: 34%

Pipes: *Two learning, 18-foot

Park Area: 69 acres

Park Operating Days: 156

Tahoe’s precipitation has been notoriously inconsistent in recent years, and regardless of snowfall Northstar consistently finds its way to the Park Poll top 10. Mike Schipani and his park crew always put their best shovel blade forward. Through a Herculean effort, they pulled together the strongest park in the Tahoe area, according to our poll.

"We change our jib and snow feature options five nights out of every week and we revamp entire areas of our parks on a bi-weekly basis," says Schipani. Schipani says the park crew's season begins in June when they start fabricating "an array of unique features." The Straits Park, home of Northstar's largest jumps and rails, is where we consistently see coverage coming out of, while the Stash Park is a solid option for anyone looking to take to freestyle terrain a little more off the beaten path.

Schipani claims that Northstar's parks kick off with the most features in Tahoe, and by mid-January there are typically well over 200 features for riders to roll through.

*A learning pipe is a banked halfpipe on a flat surface, usually waist deep. It's designed for beginners to figure out how to slide and compress in transition without fear of loosing control.