Bear Mountain, California

Total Features: 174

Percentage Of Jibs: 53%

Percentage Of Jumps: 47%

Pipes: *Learning, 12-foot, 18-foot

Park Operating Days: 139

When it comes to the art of snowboard parks, Bear Mountain has always been among the most dedicated in North America and the world. It's long graced the top 10 in our old Resort Poll rankings, including third in 2013 and 2014, and first in 2016 This year, Bear came in second in our data-driven Park Poll. Eighty-five percent of the mountain is covered in a whopping 216 rails, boxes, pyramids, hips, and jumps in a flowing layout that the park crew is constantly evolving. But Park Poll doesn't just look at acreage or feature count. It dives into how well a park is maintained and refreshed, which Bear excels at and is a big part of why it landed on the proverbial Park Poll podium

"We have a rail crew that's out there five nights a week, changing things around," says Bear's director of marketing, Clayton Shoemaker. "Maintenance is another thing that's huge to us—day maintenance and night maintenance. We don't let things get sloppy. Keeping that product 100-percent takes a huge commitment."

That commitment starts pre-season when Shoemaker and crew walk the hill, looking at the lay of the slopes to see where they can improve the park, once the snow flies. From there, they head to the fabrication shop to start twisting metal into the kind of new, innovative jibs Bear is renown for.

From the ever-expanding, street-style Red Bull Plaza to techy transition features, Bear is built by snowboarders, for snowboarders, and it shows. From Christmas on, the setup is firing, so get here and shred the endless lines for yourself.

*A learning pipe is a banked halfpipe on a flat surface, usually waist deep. It's designed for beginners to figure out how to slide and compress in transition without fear of loosing control.