#1 Mammoth Mountain, CA

Mammoth Mountain, California

Total Features: 301
Percentage Of Jibs: 58%
Percentage Of Jumps: 42%
Pipes: *Learning pipe, 11-foot, 18-foot, 22-foot
Park Area: 100 acres
Park Operating Days: 230

The Mammoth Unbound program is one of the most well-executed in North America, in part because it includes the most even spread of extra-small, small, and medium features of parks in the poll. Main Park, with the burliest jibs and jump line, still clocked in at 21.5 feature-filled acres, while the mellower rails and kickers in Forest Trail and South Park brought another 18.3 acres combined. Keeping all those features prime, played a huge part in Mammoth's ranking.

"There's almost never a day where something doesn't change, whether it's a single rail or an entire section of the park," says Unbound Terrain Parks director, TJ Dawoud.

The Eastern Sierra has seen its share snowfall, and lack thereof. And Dawoud and his park crew make magic regardless of what Mother Nature throws at them. When she delivers adequately, all thirteen of Mammoth's parks are up and running mid-season. Yes, thirteen. In keeping in line with the trend toward more transition-based terrain, Mammoth has introduced the Transition Park—"An all tranny, all bowl, skate-style terrain park!"

What ultimately has propelled Mammoth to the top of the Park Poll 2017 list is their dedication to snowboarding, which is exhibited well in their parks program, with an unreal 300 or so freestyle features across the mountain during peak season. From progressive features to parks designed to get groms ripping, "Mammoth has always had such a huge commitment to terrain parks and snowboarding and being ahead of the curve," says Dawoud. "What we're allowed to do here is super rad."