Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

Total Features: 123

Percentage Of Jibs: 57%

Percentage Of Jumps: 43%

Pipes: 13-foot, 22-foot

Park Area: 50 acres

Park Operating Days: 120

Beyond staying on top of overall park trends, Seven Spring's director of mountain operations, Joel Rerko, says pulling inspiration from urban and even backcountry riding is key to keeping things fresh. That vision translates not just to features, but the overall flow and multiple cross-slope lines. The East Coast had a notably bad snow year last season—so bad ‘season’ is almost a generous word to describe it—yet through the work of Rerko and the crew, Seven Springs managed to land in the Park Poll top ten and top the East Coast list. This earned the Pennsylvania mountain the Workhorse Award for the dedication it takes to turn a batch of lemons that large into lemonade—in this case, an outstanding park comprised features not requiring considerable amounts of snow.