#1 East Coast: Mount Snow, Vermont – Park Poll 2016

Mount Snow, Vermont

Total Features: 170

Percentage Of Jibs: 68%

Percentage Of Jumps: 32%

Pipes: N/A

Park Area: 10 acres

Park Operating Days: 125

It's not often that an East Coast resort makes the Top 10 North American Parks list. For Mount Snow, that's a perk of our more data-driven Park Poll, which lets the hard numbers uncover who's making the best parks, regardless of whether it's California, Colorado, Utah, or Vermont.

This placement has been long time coming, since the resort introduced Carinthia Parks in 2008, which turned 100 acres of the Carinthia section of the mountain into a pure park zone. There you'll find the biggest rails and jumps, starting at 25-feet in the The Gluch, a mile of medium-size jibs in the Nitro park, round bars and wrecking balls in the Junkyard, and kickers as long as 70 feet in Inferno. All solid stuff, no doubt. But where the Carinthia Parks really stands apart is with The Farm and Prospector parks. Inspired by the surrounding community, The Farm offers burly, fully-shredable jibs like barns, sugar shacks, horse trailers, and sap buckets. Leading into The Farm line, you might want to detune your edges to deal with the down logs, C-logs, and log jams strewn throughout this zone.

Built around the Nitro Express and Heavy Metal chairs, all eight of the Carinthia parks funnel back to the base zone for full-length park laps, another reason why this is the best the East has to offer.

*A learning pipe is a banked halfpipe on a flat surface, usually waist deep. It's designed for beginners to figure out how to slide and compress in transition without fear of loosing control.

*Rankings are based off parks from the 2014/2015 season. All photos are from the 2014/2015 season.