16-Year-Old Red Gerard's Ultimate Backyard Snowboarding Park | Insight
A fully functional tow rope, powered by a well-worn 50cc dirt bike, means infinite laps for Red and his buddies. Photo: Theo Muse

My Backyard

Perhaps the most versatile snowboarder his age and a constant combination of positivity and good times, Red’s stigma as a contest kid has not yet been shaken, but his snowboarding outside the judged realm demonstrates competition is but one outlet for a large bundle of energy in a compact package.

Red is one of seven Gerard kids, and thanks in part to good-natured and unrelenting ridicule from a few of his brothers, the attitude of this rising star has remained unusually humble, while the influence from these same senior siblings has progressed his snowboarding to include facets beyond those of many of his peers.

His house in Summit County, Colorado, is home to a backyard park, complete with a rope tow powered by a well-worn 50cc dirt bike. Here, he dials in technical rail tricks on hand-crafted lips and perfects progressive double corks on the jump lines down the road at Breckenridge.

At 16, Red is the youngest member on the Insight roster and a welcome piece in the larger puzzle that is modern snowboarding. His segment in the film is a milestone—something he’s been working toward for quite some time. When Red got the call to film for Insight he couldn’t believe it. “I’m just so happy; I couldn’t be more happy. I wanted this to happen so bad. This is a dream come true,” he says.

Keep an eye out for Red’s full part dropping this later this fall.

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"I've learned so many new tricks on that down bar. It's the most perfect down bar. Then I can invite over all my friends and have a good session - a barbeque, you know, and just have fun." - Red Gerard. PHOTO: Dean Blotto Gray

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