Zumiez Zealous 100k Employees

Webster’s Dictionary defines zealous as being marked by active interest and enthusiasm. It may be a bit of an understated adjective to use when describing the attendees to Zumiez annual 100k party that took place last Tuesday night in Copper Mountain, Colorado.

The annual party is a kind of a thank you, stoke-fest, and awards banquet for Zumiez store employees who have sold at least 100 thousand dollars worth of merchandise over the past calendar year. For 2003, this meant that more than 350 sales kids were flown into Colorado for two nights of parting and one day of riding.

At the very least this means 35,000,000 dollars worth of merchandise. But, taking into account that the top seller, “Balz”, sold 456,493 thousand dollars alone, overall these kids are killing it. The coolest part is that Zumiez coorporate team and President Tom Campion aren’t afraid to recognize it. And, I’ve personally never seen a group of kids more excited than those 100k sellers.

With the help of its many venors, Zumiez pulls off an amazing event that for those inside the industry seems much like a mini trade show. Company presidents, sales managers, marketing directors, team managers, and pros all turn out to meet the kids who are pushing their products. Industry vets like Nixon’s Chad DiNenna, Volcom’s Troy Eckert, Richard “Wolly” Wolcott, and Billy Anderson, Oakley’s Gus Buckner, DC’s Brian Botts, Salomon’s Greg Keeling, Billabong’s Enich Harris, and Burton’s Clark Gundlach and Dave Driscol all showed up to meet the 100k winners.

On the pro side of things snowboarders Shaun White, Colin Langois, Alexis Waite, Todd Richards, Jessica Dalpiaz, Tina Basich, Marc Frank Montoya, Chad Otterstrom, and Danny Kass were just a few of the heavies that turned out. Skateboarders Bucky Lasek and Colt Cannon were also on hand. But, it was the suprise appearance by skateboarder turned moviestar Jason Lee that really had the kids riled up.

But, before the kids even made it to the awards banquet on Tuesday night they had the chance to ride all afternoon at Copper Mountain. Additionally, that afternoon there was an informal park jam with all of the attending pro riders hucking and sliding themselves silly for the Zumiez kids.

Overall the event was amazing, and even though its only a few nights for the kids that attend its something they’ll never forget.