Zumiez Launches E-commerce Site

Network 9, Inc., a Seattle based Web design and development consulting firm announced today that it has launched Zumiez’s first ever e-commerce site.

Zumiez, a Seattle based retailer, has 50 stores in malls across nine U.S. states. The e-commerce site, launched in mid October 1999 features youth lifestyle brands and a multitude of products such as young men’s and juniors apparel, skateboards, snowboards, footwear, and accessories.

“Skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing has always thrived on defining new boundaries by pushing the limits,” says Karyn Lewandowski, the project’s director. “Deciding to partner with Network 9 makes it easier to translate our retailing philosophy to the Web. They have a strong, forward thinking design team and the engineering skills to deliver the personalization features needed to make the site sticky.”

The site features over 400 products for teens and the twenty something boardsports lifestyle set. The Snowboard Tarot feature predicts the best board for the customer based on their personal riding style, shoe size and weight. Skateboarders will be able to customize their boards online by choosing from a vast array of parts based on their preferences. And the “Elements of Gift Giving” feature, using a questionnaire, helps shoppers search for the ideal gift.

“Our goal was to design a site that stretches current e-tailing concepts and keeps Zumiez’s customers coming back for more,” says Laura Blanchard, Network 9’s creative director.

Network 9, founded by five former Starwave employees, is a Web development company committed to building and maintaining leading edge e-commerce Web sites. Network 9 clients include Microsoft, BuyCurious.com, Vulcan Northwest, Encoding.com and KnowEDGAR.