Halfpipe snowboarding is becoming a lost art. Sure, lots of people like to watch it on TV, but not too many people actually do it. It’s a shame really, because shredding the original U-tube is awesome. When you find a sick, soft pipe, there’s nothing better. The photographers who submitted images for our Your Turn Photo Contest, themed “Pipe Dreams,” know what we’re talking about.

Here are the top three “Pipe Dreams” images entered:

Ryan Bregante only took the term “Pipe Dreams” half-seriously and set up a quarterpipe shoot. That tranny looks tight as hell.

Dimitry Gostevskikh captured this image of one of the most timeless tricks in snowboarding, the method. PHOTO: Dimitry Gostevskikh

Tom Cohen snapped this beaster of a method at this years Burton US Open.

And the winner of the Pipe Dreams contest is…Dimitry Gostevskik! Congratulations Dimitry! He wins a photo backpack from Burton and Touch Screen gloves from Celtek. Dimitry, email your address to chris.wellhausen@transworld.net to receive your prize pack.

Congratulations to Dimitry Gostevskikh for his winning “Pipe Dreams” photo. PHOTO: Dimitry Gostevskikh

Now for the battle royale. Below are the winners of each individual themed Your Turn Photo Contest that we held throughout this winter; “Ulitmate Jib”, “Into The Dark”, “White Room”, and “Pipe Dreams.” These winning images will be judged to announce an overall winner which will award a photographer the grand prize of a spot at this year’s High Cascade Photo Workshop.

After looking at the four finalists, let us know which is your favorite?


If you didn’t win any of these themes and are interested in progressing your photography, definitely check High Cascade’s site for more info on their Photo Workshop at Mt. Hood, Oregon, go to highcascade.com or call 1-800-334-4272.

Here are couple outtakes from last season's photo workshop: