Your Turn Photo Contest: 1st Winner Announced

In the beginning of January, we introduced our annual photo contest, the Your Turn Photo Contest. It gives an opportunity for new photographers to share their best images, gain their first editorial exposure, and win prizes. (Including the possibility to attend High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s Photo Workshop this summer.) This year there is a series of four themed contests, each one having a prize package of a Burton photo backpack, Celtek’s gloves, and radio slaves from Pocket Wizard.

This first theme was assigned “Riot in the Streets.” Photographers submitted their favorite images relating to snowboarding the urban scene. Check the submissions out:

The image that stood out most is Mikko Roulamo made by Miika Kumpulainen. This image combined advanced lighting techniques and good composition. Congratulations to Miika, please email me with your contact info so I can follow up with your photo prizes,

Mikko Roulamo putting his finishing touches on this wooden urban art piece in Arabianranta, Helsinki Finland. Bs Nose Blunt. PHOTO: Miika Kumpulainen


Onto the next theme, After Dark. Round up your crew and get after it by setting up your shoot at night. The Your Turn Photo Contest is the best way for  you up-and-coming snowboard photographers to have your shots seen by the TransWorld SNOWboarding audiences.

Now with the second category open, you have three weeks to round up your submissions and upload them to the user generated section of TWSNOW.COM using the tag After Dark. Please follow these simple guidlines to insure that your submissions are received correctly:

  1. After processing your images, size them 1200 pixels on the longest side saved at 72dpi
  2. File name them the title of your post adding photographer name. For example: Sending_It_Chris_Wellhausen
  3. Upload your photo to the YOUR STUFF section at the bottom of the TW homepage. Be sure to tag the name of the category that you’re entering the photo for. For example, if your submitting for February, you would tag your photo as After Dark for judging. No other words needed in that tag. If it’s not tagged correctly, it may not be considered.
  4. Make sure to put the photographer name, and the rider name in the caption credit. Creative captions are welcomed.

The next winner will be announced on March 1st, when the next category will start. New this year, the winner of each category will go head to head in a portfolio battle, with the TransWorld staff picking the grand-prize winner based on the strongest overall submission. The grand-prize winner gets food, lodging, and a spot in the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Photo Workshop at Mt. Hood, Oregon, headed by TransWorld senior photographer Andy Wright. This is your chance to learn from the industry’s pro photographers.

Categories for the rest of the year are:


After Dark (Night)


Hot Laps (Park)


Send It (Jump)


Portfolio Battle


For more info on the High Cascade Photo Workshop, go to or call 1-800-334-4272.