Thanks for submitting all the urban shredding photos this time for the “Your Turn Photo Contest.” The “Urban Contest” theme was popular and there were a lot of photos to consider. Below you will find the winner, the honorable mention, and the top ten entries photo gallery.


Austin Malone. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PHOTO: Rodger Obley

Austin Malone. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PHOTO: Rodger Obley

“As we were sitting in the car parked in the lot, before this two hour night jib session, three cops drove by within three minutes. We ended the night without any police trouble. Another point for the good guys! Strobist Info: 1 Canon 430EXII bare, @ 1/2 -0.3 camera right at the bottom. 1 Vivitar 285HV bare, @ 1/2 camera left at the top.”

This obviously is not a tech trick, unless it was switch, but it is a great example of a well shot urban photo using strobes. I like how the rider and the falling snow are backlit against the black of the night. I also like how the angle of the second strobe is set up to give more dimension to what is included in the composition instead of it set up at an angle similar to the direction of the lens. The rider, Austin Malone, appears locked-in on the rail and focused on the end of it. In addition it was cool to see how the photographer, Rodger Obley, included his lighting settings in his caption which demonstrates that he is quite familiar with his strobes. -Chris Wellhausen

Congratulations Rodger Obley! Send me an email so I can have your contact information.

The “Urban Contest” Honorable Mention goes to:

Lavrentiev Antonrn. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. PHOTO: Vladimir Sivertcev

Lavrentiev Antonrn. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. PHOTO: Vladimir Sivertcev

Wow! Lavrentiev Antonrn was sending it on this night! Who is this guy? Let’s see more leaps of faith! The selective choice of the lighting is interesting; a good use of available light and strobe. I think this image could have contended more for the win, but the composition does not read well with the direction of the action. Either that or the crop of the image does not work, which would amount in more critique of the photographer’s presentation. Photographers, remember that presentation is a valuable part of your contributions! A photo editor wants to see a well-edited collection of images.

And the runners up for this “Urban, Your Turn Photo Contest” are:

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