Young Guns Dominate World Champ Big Air, Slopestyle


Mission Viejo, CA (February 25, 2002) – Rookie of the Year, Hana Beaman,proved to the global snowboarding community that she has officially arrivedon the women’s professional snowboarding scene by dominating the Sims WorldSnowboarding Championships this past weekend, February 20-24, 2002, in Vail,Colorado. With a smooth yet aggressive riding style, 19-year-old Beamanout-performed many of the top female riders in the world to claim firstplace honors in both the Big Air and Slopestyle events. “Winning two eventsat this contest was… surreal,” stated the appreciative and pleasantlysurprised Beaman. “It might take a week or two to hit me.”

Beaman’s double victory, marked by huge airs and progressive tricks,confirmed that she is a very well rounded snowboarder that is truly a forceto be reckoned with in the competitive ranks. Beaman will attempt to keepher winning streak alive at next month’s 20th Annual U.S. Open SnowboardingChampionships at Stratton Mountain, Vermont – March 14-17, 2002. WithSlopestyle added to this year’s U.S. Open event schedule, it looks like shewill have a very good chance of claiming another top spot on the winner’spodium. But first, Beaman will travel to Japan for a 10-day snowboardingtour that will include a stop at the Xbox Slopestyle contest.

In related news, Australian up-and-comer Torah Bright placed 2nd behindBeaman in the women’s Big Air event at the Sims World SnowboardingChampionships. At only 15 years of age, Bright has been tearing up thecompetitive snowboarding scene this season, frequently placing above many ofthe sport’s best. Her success this season is confirmation that she is muchmore than just a pretty face as her top-notch skills and deep bag of tricksdefinitely make her one to watch out for this year, and for many years tocome. Bright will join Beaman at the 2002 U.S. Open SnowboardingChampionships, where she will battle it out on Stratton’s hallowed slopes inthe hopes of taking home a championship crown.

The future of women’s snowboarding has arrived, and amazingly, both Beamanand Bright are just getting started!