Jake rolled up to the TransWorld offices today in a new Hummer 3 on his way to surf Oceanside. He skated his way across the country on his way here. It’s just another day in the life of the Burton Rover, a newly created paid position through Burton and Snickers. His job description, I shit you not, goes like this: session parks, slopes, and waves from March 2006 to March 2007.

Of thousands of entries that poured in, Jake got the job, which means that he’s a one man RV tour heading to all the events, resorts, skateparks, surfspots … pretty much he is wherever fun is. He’ll be telling you all about it through the Burton Rover blog, complete with videos and pictures. Check it out at rover.theonseason.com.

I sat down with Jake and a bag of Snickers to find out more—there’s got to be a catch.

How did you get the job? Are you funny or what was your angle?

Well, basically, what I kept saying is that I’ve been doing this job my whole life. I’ve worked up at Timberline Lodge cooking in the summers and camping in the rain on the spur road off the Timberline access road—just to ride. I’ve had cook jobs on the east coast so I could snowboard and skate. I’ve worked just enough my whole life so that I could travel and snowboard. I mean, my dream has always been to just snowboard, that’s what my whole deal with trying to go pro was. Now, it’s just good to not have a night job anymore.

Did you meet Jake Burton yet?

I met him really quickly at the U.S. Open at night. They were like, “Jake meet Jake.

Are you hitchhiking around or did they set you up?

I have a Hummer H3—it’s awesome. It has a navigation system in it that gets me through the cities. I’m from Maine, so I’m not used to driving on multi-lane roads at all. I had to sign some form that I wouldn’t abuse it—the governor on it is set at 100 mph—I checked.

So we’ll be seeing you everywhere?

Yeah, I guess so.

Are drinks on you this winter?

Well, I do have a travel budget …

Yeah, this kid checks out. See you on the road this winter Jake. Watch his every move at rover.theonseason.com.