You Should Be At Snowbird

12/26/06--”Next thing I knew my boots were being laced with haste at the ‘Bird. I wasn’t supposed to be here after pulling an all-nighter from SoCal to Utah, but here I stood--it was clear as a bell and the temp was just at freezing. Perfect. A rocket ride up the hill in a grossly overpowered Subaru STI had helped me find another gear of my own. Kurt Wastell, Chris Saydah, Zack and myself hit the mountain for an epic late-afternoon session.

Driving out toward Utah for the holidays, my expectations were low--if you don’t reside at Mt. Baker or Colorado, this season has been bleak to say the least. Thankfully, over the last few weeks the SLC region has received some snow, nothing major, but they’ve had their fair share of small consistent dumpage. Nowhere in Utah reaps the rewards of any and every storm system like the ‘Bird, a dusting in Park City usually equates to eight inches up Little Cottonwood Canyon--it’s just how it works out here.

That said, Snowbird has surprisingly solid coverage right now. The conditions are firm but fun--typically cool temps have prevented the overnight freeze ups one might encounter at a California resort. In other words it isn’t icy and Chips run is in full effect. Add the mystique of cruising through Snowbirds all-new Disneyland-style Peruvian Tunnel and the option is unarguable--it’s time to get up to Snowbird, quick. Watching the weather on TV at the in laws this evening, the call is for more snow overnight. We’ll see you in the tramline tomorrow morning!