You Are What You Drink, Too!

The three most important tips ever given to me by a guy named Hydro-Man were to stay hydrated, drink before I get thirsty, and eat before I get tired. First of all, it’s necessary to drink water before and after activity. Keep in mind dehydration’s contributing factors, such as a dry climate, cold air, high altitude, and alcohol and caffeine consumption. Secondly, in order to stay hydrated while active, you should drink four to eight ounces of water two to three times per hour. And lastly, combined with drinking sufficient amounts of water, carbohydrate drinks can help you avoid “crashing” after depleting your muscles’ glycogen stores.

Here are a few of the energy drinks on the market today, their nutritional information, and, once again, comments from our panel of taste testers.

PowerBar PERFORM provides time-released energy via a combination of short-, medium-, and long-chain carbohydrates, which provide immediate and sustained energy and help maximize fluid absorption. PERFORM offers an optimal balance of the vital electrolytes sodium and potassium, as well as antioxidant vitamins C and E, and three energy-related B-vitamins to maximize hydration and restore body fluids. It is noncarbonated and doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Flavors: Lemon-Lime Ice, Orange, Tropical Punch, and Berry.

OrangeIlean says, “I’m backing this one the most: not as sweat-like, not spittish, and not too sweet.” .
Ben Dover says, “It’s like water with a hint of tangerine.” .
Iben Jaägenov says, “Biting my tongue tastes better than this one.”

PowerBar PERFORM Plus has all the ingredients of PERFORM plus a carbohydrate blend with a higher percentage of complex carbohydrates, magnesium, and chromium; three essential branch chain amino acids; and N-acetyl-cysteine and glutamine amino acids. Flavors: Lemon-Lime and Orange.

OrangeIvana Leave says, “Not an overwhelmingly strong flavor, it’s sort of like diluted Kool-Aid with a sweet aftertaste.” .
Iben Jaägenov says, “It makes my fillings buzz like chewing tin foil.” .
Ilean says, “It has that colored perspiration taste that all ‘sports’ drinks have¿and it’s making my tongue fuzzy.”

Torq Energy Juice Drink provides a boost of long-lasting energy through a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates, four B-vitamins, and antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E that aid in energy metabolism. It’s noncarbonated, caffeine-free, and doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors. Flavors: Wild Berry, Grape, and Orange.

Ben Dover says, “Whoa! It’s super sweet with a lingering aftertaste.” .
Raul says, “It’s not quite Tang, but close.” .
Ivana Leave says, “It makes me gleek.”

SOBE Energy contains guarana for an instant energy boost, yohimbe for sustained energy, and arginine, an amino acid that enhances overall physical performance. It’s noncarbonated and doesn’t contain any artificial flavors.
Doinklet McCutch says, “Not bad.” .
Iben Jaägenov says, “It’s like a tropical-fruit explosion of hellacious mouth-fire lava flow from the depths of the Earth’s core.” .
Ilean says, “It smells sweet and tastes sweet¿too sweet to be very thirst quenching.”