Why So Many Xs? ‘Cause It’s That Gnarly.

Starring Nicolas Mà…ller and other big-name shred dudes who get X-tra wicked. Can you name them all? We can’t.

Photo: Dean “Blotto” Gray


Hard As Nails

You think everything down here at 353 Airport Road is all flowers and cupcakes? Naw, dawg-weez in the cuts. Jus’ the other day some foo’ came all up in our shit, tryin’ to steal one of our rides, and we were all, “Hell no!” Then we ran inside screaming like five-year-old girls and called the police. ‘Cause weez some bitches.

Photo: Hoy

(Serfas Jet Ski)

Serfas Up, Bro!

Good god, we must be hitting the bottom of the barrel when we’re resorting to running photos of Scott Serfas on a f-kin’ jet ski. For real-what the hell does this have to do with snowboarding? It’s a total rich-guy sport, where you have to pay a ton of money for equipment and special clothes, then just stick it in the garage for nine months out of the year, and … shit, these photos are right where they belong.

Photo: Ralph Bruhwiler

(dudes diggin on handrail)

A Dude For Every Step

The Japanese have to be the nicest sons of bitches on the whole freakin’ planet. Look at that shit-if you were to show up at a handrail shoot in the U.S., it would look nothing like this. At least three of them dudes would be talking on their cell phones, one of them would be bitching about how the handrail sucked, two more would be looking for a “Starbies,” and another three would just be “over it”-leaving one dude with a broken shovel to dig this whole thing out.

Photo: E-Stone

(dudes jumping rope)

“Catch The Chicken Rock!”

Remember that one scene in Rocky IV where Rocky gets sent out to Siberia to train? He’s lifting logs and chasing cars down frozen tundra. Meanwhile, Ivan Drago, his Russian opponent, has super high-tech facilities with, like, computer-driven weight machines. This is kind of like that-but not really. Wille Yli-Luoma and Heikki Sorsa.

Photo: Andy “Puddles” Wright/Chulksmack

(Lauri in shorts)

Board Shorts?

Could Lauri Heiskari be on the forefront of snowboard fashion? It sounds silly, but right now dudes are already riding with their whole entire ass hanging out. Either that, or they’re wearing tight jeans. So why couldn’t shorts be the next thing? Sure, on a powder day you might get a little more than you asked for, but hey-that’s the price you pay to be a fashion mogul. Speaking of moguls, I bet you’d look hot as hell bouncing down the bumps in a pair of them bad boys.

Photo: Geoff Andruik