Yellow Snow – What an outrage!

Yellow Snow

Date Bait

Could you imagine how laid Mikkel Bang could have gotten after this photo was taken? Too bad he’s only thirteen. Seriously—a puppy and a little kid? The collective cooing from the ladies must have been deafening.

Photo: Jeff Curtes

Things Are Tough All Over

Remember the good old days when security guards had to actually run after you? Nowadays they’ve got mini Hummers. You’d think that physical fitness would be a requirement to be a fake cop. John Jackson, finding out the hard way.

Photo: Shem Roose

Man Of Steel?

While checking a cliff in the Jackson Hole backcountry, Kurt Wastell fell through the edge of a cornice into a tree. Witnesses say that all they heard was the sound of breaking branches and swear words. When Kurt popped out at the bottom, all he had was this scratch on his arm—the tree wasn’t so lucky.

Photo: Coyle

Caption Overload

What the … ? Hana Beaman, bent over—with the can … and the spraying of the underparts … sorry, there’re just too many things. We’d get kicked out of every library and school in the world if we wrote what was going through our dirty little minds.

Photo: Stan Evans

Raise Your Hand If You’re Sure

Brandon Bybee had better be damn sure his deodorant is working—burying his tongue in that nasty-ass pit. Last time Bybee was in the office, it smelled like he was smugglin’ a couple onions under each arm.

Photo: Coyle

What An Outrage!

What the heck is wrong with today’s youth, huh? Running around all hopped up on goofballs, the lady folk with their midriffs poking out for everyone to see. Look at this photo of Danny Kass—Olympic silver medalist—pants down trying to dry-hump this beautiful Norwegian statue. What kind of example does that set for America’s youth, huh? Tell us! Got nothing, do ya? That’s ’cause it’s not … sorry, we can’t keep a straight face anymore. This shit is just too damn funny. Look at their little pee-pees.

Photo: Coyle