Yellow Snow & Tiny Type 14.5

Muppet Race Mania Midway
As a young boy, I loved watching The Muppet Show. So I tried to relive my childhood by playing Muppet Race Mania while listening to some John Denver. I was getting really bored when John started singing “Rocky Mountain High.” Thanks to Mr. Denver, I decided to quit playing and try again at 4:20. I did, but quickly lost interest-it must only work if you inhale. This game is perfect for small children and stoners.

X-Men Mutant Academy
This game is part of the Hollywood-marketing machine that’s riding high on the success of the major-motion picture. I really enjoyed playing X-Men Mutant Academy the first time it came out-you remember Street Fighter, don’t you?

Star Trek Invasion
I couldn’t even figure out how to load this game. Maybe a “Trekie” could.

If you enjoy first-person adventure games, you’ll definitely enjoy Spiderman. This game is perfect for down days and long flights-you can really eat up a lot of time playing it. Did you know you can also play Spidey as a character in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2?

Tenchu 2
Read the above review and replace Spiderman with a ninja. Sorry, there are no ninjas in THPS2.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
The only people who actually need to read a review of this game are those who’ve been living in a cave on Mars. I won’t even try to review this game. So to fill up this space, I offer you the code of all codes: hold down L1 while entering ___square_____square_______.

Dave Mirra BMX
For those of you who don’t know, Dave Mirra is the sickest BMXer out there-he’s the guy who did the double backflip at last summer’s X-Games. It took about half an hour for me to figure out how to do the double back on Dave’s game, after which I stopped playing. If you put Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 in, select options, and then select the demo game, you’ll see why.-Chad Wackerman