Yellow Snow – September ’06

Party ‘Til You Puke

Online Editor Evan LeFebvre knows how to party. After a vicious night of drinking with the DC crew in Park City, young Evan pulled a high-speed eject, expelling hundreds of dollars’ worth of sushi, beer, and sake down the side of the whip-lucky it wasn’t one of Ken Block’s cars. Must have been that winding, mountainous road back to the DC Mtn. Lab.

Snow Bunny

The only real complaint about snowboarding versus surfing is that snowboard girls are covered up in baggy pants and puffies. Well, all of ’em except for Tara here. And you know the girl’s from South Lake Tahoe, of course. Apparently, she hates clothes. Her board even has a naked girl on it. Wow.

Easy Money

Team managers are really multi-tasking in ’06. Sure, they still get their teamriders wasted and pick up the bar tab, but now they shoot photos as well. Because photography is easy, man. All you do is follow a TWS senior photog around, wait for him to set up, and then poach his angle-nothin’ to it. Left to right: Ryan Runke, Scott Serfas, Eddie Lee. Japan. Photo: Max Jenke

Mouth Breather

Sure, a run-of-the-mill balaclava keeps your face nice and warm, but you can’t smoke cigs worth a damn with one of those on! Ever the innovator, Kale Stephens created the “Air Hole”-now he can sled through the backcountry warm and toasty, pulling on a Marlboro Red all the while. Nice work! Photo: Cole Barash


Simply riding better than most everyone else is not enough. To get noticed nowadays, you’ve got to dress up like a clown-or a panda bear. Tadashi Fuse. Photo: Cole Barash

Awkward Moment

Your boy needs a bro hug. He just stomped the sickest trick, but his pants are saggin’ below his prick. Jake Devine-shook. Photo: Andy Wright

Blue Steel

Kody Huot is too handsome for snowboarding. Just ask Editor Dresser’s wife Kim-or her mother. He won’t even bring that kid by the house anymore. Now that young Huot isn’t in the snowboard game (he’s in sales or something), he’s become a self-described Silky Boner. What the hell is that, you may ask? Well, it’s a Utah guy draped in Abercrombie with ball-chain necklaces and shit. Don’t feel bad, though, he ain’t perfect-there’s a big scar on his forehead. Dresser put it there-long story. Photo: Seth Huot