Yellow Snow 15.8

Half Baked?
Mike Basich is way up high, where the bluebirds fly, as he sends one over the ugliest rainbow we’ve seen all year. He was shooting for a new multisport film called Keep Your Eyes Open by Tamera Davis, who brought us such memorable classics as Half Baked and CB4. The movie, due out this summer, features Marc Frank Montoya, the Basich siblings, and a host of top pro skaters and surfers, too. Filmed entirely in 35mm format all over the globe, and slated for theater release, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for this one. Caption
Mike Basich. Park City. Photo: Scott Sullivan

We Love New York, Too
Dirty Twos is a man of many talents, skills, and harebrained pastimes. When he’s not slithering down some sketchy-ass rail or working on one of his “project cars,” he plays matchmaker from his cribsite in New York City. “Come visit me, and I’ll hook you up,” he claims. Ali Goulet took Twos up on the offer, and true to his word, J2 introduced him to Noelle, the exotic beauty in this shot. Photo: Misa Martin

Captivating Caption!
We got a load of responses to our “Pink Shirt Caption Contest” from TWSB issue 15.5. There are a lot of Jason Borgstede fans out there, to say the least. Of all the online entries, none were as fitting as the one we received from Christine Hawthorne of Frisco, Colorado: “I should have bought the matching thong.” This caption sealed the deal-Christine wins the SI Technologies portable flat-panel speakers.Photo: Josh Thompson