Tight Dome Kit

Just when you thought thugged-out, ghetto-fab accessories couldn't get any rougher–bling! The Dirty South doo-rag is hot up in Mammoth Lakes and Western Canada, to say nothing of the rag counts at Mt. Hood's summer camps. Trevor Andrew is always busting ill fashion maneuvers, and over the past year he's played out the standard-issue style. Now Trev-dogg has taken it to that next level. Borrowing heavily from the Nation of Islam and Erykah Badu, Trevs has done it again–peep the “urban turban,” dude. His new steelo is wrapping his whole head in a tight dome kit.

Deerskin Dangler

Back in the 80s, skateboarding's inimitable style-master Christian Hosoi brought us the first-generation dangler–a T-shirt jammed firmly into the waistband of his banana-print spandex. Holmes ran the “waist cape” for years, bringing the dangler to vert ramps around the world.

Recently the dangler has experienced a resurrection, with many known shredders now flying the flag. And as with any trend, it's being pushed to practical limits. Upping the ante with a new twist, witness the trappings of Tom “The Angry Hippie” Gilles. At the Arctic Challenge, immersed in the Viking-fever atmosphere of the all-star jam, Gilles donned the first-to-be-documented deerskin dangler. So go to it, kids–stuff a pelt in your belt.

Pabst Smear

Beer and snowboarding share a colorful, spirited relationship. It's a sacrament, social lubricant, and damn it, the two complement each other like peanut butter and jelly. No one understands this connection better than our resident expert on both subjects, Cody Dresser. He had a long and rewarding career in the sport, and is known as a hearty, working-class rider with an all-American thirst to boot. Yes, Pabst Blue Ribbon. The red, white, and blue refresher kept Cody going long after the lifts closed down.

A while back, he got in a little tighter with the folks at Pabst Brewing Company. He's now the cover boy for their new product catalog. Cheers!