Yellow Snow 14.5:Angry Interns Little Corner

TransWorld SNOWboarding has some amazing benefits for their employees. For example, they get free coffee, sugar packets, stir sticks, and cups. Oh, yeah, they also get affordable medical and dental insurance. However, since we are nothing more than Interns_, we are not privy to any of these benefits. Yeah, you probably think we’re stupid to go through life without health insurance ’cause nothing bad has ever happened to us. Except that time when Billy’s zipper got caught in the paper shredder and he almost lost his unit, or when Sally tripped over a floppy disc on the floor and knocked her front teeth out, and there was that incident when Mike inhaled the fumes from a permanent marker and went into a coma for two weeks. But aside from these few accidents, the TransWorld working environment is relatively safe.

What’s even more stupid than being an Intern_ with no health insurance is being a pro snowboarder with no health insurance. All it would take to rack up a huge medical bill is to teto during a Cab five or hit your doinklet on the stairs while railsliding, yet many pros spend all their sponsorship money on new Audis and giant headphones instead of purchasing even the most basic insurance policies. So, to all the million-dollar snowboard companies out there who don’t take matters into their own hands and provide insurance for their athletes-eat a bowl of dags!