Yellow Sno 14.6: South Lake Tahoe Slang

South Shore Birthday Noun: when it’s your birthday and your friends beat the crap out of you to help celebrate it. It’s kind of like in the movie Colors except no one is wearing bandanas or calling you vato.Example: “Why you looking at me all crazy? Don’t make me give you a South Shore Birthday.”

Doinklet Noun: a term J2 came up with several years ago to describe foreign currency. Recently, though, doinklet’s being used to describe things other words just aren’t really good at describing. Example: “Did you see the size of those doinklets?”

Kanuter Valve Noun: often used in place of doinklet-tends to have sexual connotations.Example: “Dude, I think I sprained my Kanuter Valve yesterday. My girlfriend is gonna be hella pissed.”

Hella Adjective: used to accentuate something.Example: “Hey Ruht, that water-tower shit is hella played out.”

Hecka Adjective: used in place of hella.Example: “I’m hecka burnt out on people saying hella.”