Yello Sno 14.8:Endless Winter The Summer Camp Intro

How many days of snowboarding do you get in a full year’s time span? Twenty-five is about the average, 50 if you’re lucky, 100 if you’re really, really lucky, but then you probably work at a resort, too.

Pros ride anywhere from 100 days to not being able to keep track because the number is so high. It’s their job, so of course they should ride more than most of us. But many of those days are accumulated riding and coaching at summer camps, when most of us aren’t riding at all. You might not get to spend three or four weeks at camp like the pros to add on to your total of days, but you can at least add a few by going to a summer camp.

Sure, sure … go for one-on-one instruction; go to hone in on some shred skills; go to see all your favorite pros finishing up their video parts and being shot by every photographer on the planet; see those same pros learning and perfecting new tricks; go to learn how to skateboard; go to swim, ride BMX, or wakeboard; go to get away from your parents, your kids, or your job; go to make a lifelong friend; go to live a tiny bit of the dream of an endless winter-even if it’s only for a few more precious days on the snow.